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A Revolutionary Approach to Healthcare Staffing

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ShiftPosts is a pharmacy and healthcare staffing platform that matches qualified professionals to open shifts in real time. In the span of just 2.5 years, we’ve become the trusted way 70% of pharmacies in Canada fill relief shifts. Now, we’re using this momentum to expand into the 30 billion dollar U.S. Healthcare market. market. The platform is available in 5 states so far and growing. Sign up and standby for great opportunities.

Let your local pharmacy know we are here!

Whenever you walk into a pharmacy ask the pharmacist if they have started using ShiftPosts. What they will find is a better way to work and support their career, and the pharmacy will suffer less short staffing.

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Our Visionaries Driving the Change

“As former CEO of United Resource Networks, I managed transplants for 45 million insured lives.”

David McClean, Co-Founder and Board Member, ShiftPosts

“When I was the CEO of Sutter Health, a 50,000-employee organization, I could tell you our biggest challenge was staffing.”

Pat Fry, Co-Founder and Board Member, ShiftPosts

“My forty-plus-year career in healthcare showed me just how inefficient traditional healthcare staffing can be, whether it’s at your local pharmacy or emergency room.”

David M.

“That’s why my co-founders, Dave, Pat, and I, started ShiftPosts. I’ve helped develop over 50 startups, managed over $2 billion in projects, and teach entrepreneurship at Stanford University.”

Elizabeth Cooper, CEO, ShiftPosts

The ShiftPosts co-founders bring decades of expertise from across the healthcare industry, and understand the critical importance of efficient healthcare scheduling of staff. It's the single largest issue in healthcare today; getting the right person with the right skills to the right place on time. On our platform you simply pick and click.

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Invest in the Future With ShiftPosts

There are simply no more excuses for outdated healthcare scheduling and staffing practices. Join us in our mission to empower smart staffing solutions throughout the healthcare industry. Let your local pharmacy or friends who work in healthcare know they should join ShiftPosts. It is not just software, it's life changing for those who use it.

See any of the testimonials from our current members.

“I have used ShiftPosts over the past few months, and I must say there is no doubt that it’s a much easier and brand-new way of scheduling for our pharmacy staffing needs. On their website, you see a picture of the candidates, their education, work experience, and ratings they have received from their previous shifts, etc. The quality of candidates have been great, and I have asked for repeated shifts of the same candidates. Definitely a huge improvement from other agencies we have used in the past, no comparison.”

Albert, Pharmacist, South Western Ontario

Have you finished your profile so you can start picking up shifts in your neighborhood? Click the link below to start seeing the benefits!


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