For Pharmacy Professionals

Take the work out of finding work

  • Make More Money

    Keep 100% of your earnings for the work you do. We don’t take any fees or commissions

  • Quickly & Easily

    Create a profile, search for shifts, and receive immediate payment all on the ShiftPosts App

  • On Your Terms

    Set your preferences when searching for shifts, browse employer reviews, and accept jobs that align with your goals


For Pharmacies

Take the guesswork out of finding experts

  • Fill Relief Shifts

    Our algorithm instantly presents you with qualified candidates who meet all the necessary requirements

  • Quickly & Easily

    Create relief shift postings, browse candidate profiles, and process payment all in one place

  • For Less

    Save on fees you would normally pay to outsource the hiring process

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ShiftPosts Four Q’s

ShiftPosts provides on-demand credentialed shift workers
to Pharmacies with a focus on our 4Q’s

Candidate ratings are transparent allowing well-informed placements

Candidates are vetted and credential checked

Thousands of candidates have already signed up with ShiftPosts across Canada

Our algorithm instantly matches candidates who meet Shift requirements

Experience the Benefits of using ShiftPosts

For Pharmacy Pro’s

A convenient way to find work, right at your fingertips

  • Rapid Payments

    Payment is processed to your account immediately upon completing a shift!

  • iOS & Android Apps

    Check for shift postings easily and conveniently on your phone

  • Track Your Hours

    In-app tracking tool make it easy for you to stay on top of the shifts you pick up, and what you’ve earned to-date

  • Internal Messaging

    Communicate directly with pharmacy owners looking for relief staff right on the app


For Pharmacies

A convenient way to find work, right at your fingertips

  • Credential Validation

    Our proprietary (CV)2 technology continuously validates credentials

  • Onboarding Specialist

    User experience is our passion. A dedicated specialist will help you get started

  • Simple Payments

    We’ve integrated world class payment options. From direct deposit and credit cards, we have you covered.

  • Full Transparency

    Our rating system is fully transparent. You get to review qualified candidates and select the best professional to do the job

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