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ShiftPosts matches pharmacists to open pharmacy shifts, reducing short-staffing, raising earning power, and gives pharmacists more control of their careers. Looking for someone to cover one or more of your pharmacy shifts? Want to pick up extra shifts to boost your income? ShiftPosts is the answer. With our app, it’s never been easier to find relief work or post a shift. Pharmacy owners and quality relief pharmacists get matched in minutes — all within our convenient, easy-to-use platform. Whether you’re looking for a relief shift or trying to fill one, you need ShiftPosts.
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You’ve worked hard to become a pharmacist, and you should be able to put your knowledge and skills to good use the way YOU want to. ShiftPosts makes that happen by giving you access to available relief shifts or part-time work in your preferred areas, giving you control over where and how often you work. And since relief shifts come with higher pay, you can earn more while working less!

Join ShiftPosts so you can have more control of your career to work where you want, when you want, for as long as you want, and at the rate you want.

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And shifts added daily in your community!

You can work at new pharmacies close to home or travel to different areas, depending on your preference. The ShiftPosts app gives you the most comprehensive list of available relief shifts; all you have to do is choose where you want to go.

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Gone are the days of calling a small list of local pharmacists to see who might be able to work relief shifts in your pharmacy. Now, instead of playing phone tag, verifying credentials, and negotiating pay and hours, you can simply turn to ShiftPosts. Just log in to the app and post your available pharmacy shifts with all the relevant information, including wages and the length of the shift or shifts.  From there, you can trust that you’ll be matched with a high-quality relief pharmacist with up-to-date credentials in no time. Fill your shifts faster with ShiftPosts.
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Why Choose ShiftPosts?



Pharmacists and pharmacies can find and fill relief shifts quickly.

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All bookings and payments are completed directly through the app.



Pharmacist and pharmacy credentials, references, and licenses are validated in the app.

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View all shift information, pharmacist profiles, and ratings before sending a request.

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Get access to thousands of available shifts and pharmacists nationwide.



Book when you want, where you want, at the rate you want.



Enjoy a secure, fast, and easy experience that’ll keep you coming back.



Here for you anytime, anywhere.

Why People Love ShiftPosts

“Our pharmacy always has a great experience with ShiftPosts in getting top-notch relief pharmacists when we need them. Very easy to use.”

— Zibby, Pharmacy Owner, Mississauga

“I recently needed pharmacists to cover a maternity leave position very last minute. ShiftPosts helped triage candidates for me and were critical in delivering two great pharmacists on short notice. I can’t imagine having to do that on my own. The customer service was amazing, and they delivered quality pharmacists at a fair market price compared to current agencies. Highly recommend their service.”

— Michale Khalil, Owner, Sparkle Pharmacy, Aurora

“ShiftPosts has to be the only service available that is 100% transparent in their operations. As someone who isn’t looking for full-time work, I have always been wary of using “relief agencies” to find shifts as they are known to undercut pharmacists. You take home 100% of your earnings, and it is automatically deposited in your bank account within a week. All in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend ShiftPosts for any pharmacist.”

— Rida Bukhari, Pharmacist, PharmAchieve

“I have used ShiftPosts over the past few months, and I must say, there is no doubt — it’s a much easier and brand-new way of scheduling our pharmacy needs. On their website, you see a picture of the candidates, their education, work experience, ratings from their previous shifts, etc. The quality of the candidates has been great, and I have asked for repeated shifts from the same candidates. Definitely a huge improvement from other agencies we have used in the past. No comparison.”

— Bruno Galle, Owner, PharmaChoice, Brampton

“I have never, in five years, taken a shift with a relief agency or recruiter. I never liked their model, it made no sense to me, and I work enough relief shifts through my network when I want. ShiftPosts is fair and transparent to the pharmacists and owners.”

— Albert, Pharmacist, South Western Ontario

“ShiftPosts has been invaluable. Posting shifts and finding high-caliber relief pharmacists has been really easy. I consider it a lifesaver and rely on them in any situation that requires relief, even on short notice.”

— Tamer Boctor, Pharmacy Manager, British Columbia


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