Better Pharmacy Relief Staff Recruitment

Better Pharmacy Relief Staff Recruitment

Finding relief pharmacists and professionals has never been easier. ShiftPosts isn’t like other pharmacy staffing agencies. In fact, we aren’t an agency at all. Instead, we are an original platform that connects you with high-quality pharmacy professionals. When your business needs relief shift coverage for vacation, part-time help, or even a single shift the next day, our app can help.

Quickly and efficiently find a pre-vetted professional to fill any relief shifts within your organization through ShiftPosts. Keep reading to learn more about our easy and convenient process. Set up a free account and try it for yourself.

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How ShiftPosts
Helps With Your Staffing Issues

How does ShiftPosts go above and beyond what you can expect from a traditional pharmacy recruitment agency? Well, for starters, we put the control in your hands. We’ve also made sure our platform and app are easy to use.

When you need relief coverage, simply post your available shifts on our platform or app. Next, our unique algorithms do all the behind-the-scenes work to find you a list of candidates that fit your requirements — within seconds! Then, review the profiles of your matches, and lastly, request the one you want to take your shift. Once your request is accepted, you’re done! A relief professional will be at your location the day of the shift.

What We Do

We fill the gap between pharmacies looking for relief coverage and pharmacists looking to offer it.

The Right Fit

With thousands of high-quality professionals across Canada already on the app, you’ll be able to find the right fit quickly. When you work with us, you solve your staffing issues on your terms. Simply enter your shift preferences, including location, date, wage, dispensing systems and any skill requirements, and let our algorithm match you with the best available candidates.

Screened and Validated

You can also rest assured knowing that our process depends on transparency and validation. Before being accepted onto the platform, each candidate must first go through our detailed screening process to ensure they meet our standards, so you end up with the best possible candidates to choose from.

The Best Candidates

Since we pay relief pharmacists full pay, without the agency cut, the best relief staff available like to work through ShiftPosts.

Why You Should
Choose ShiftPosts

Our goal is to be the gold standard for how high-quality relief staffing is handled. We see ourselves as the driving force behind the change to make this experience as streamlined, straightforward, and convenient as scheduling your own employees.

The next time you need a relief professional you can rely on, just log onto our app and begin posting shifts. Our process will save you countless hours of finding and scheduling the right candidate for your business. That’s why those who use ShiftPosts use it over and over for their relief staffing needs.

Contact us to learn more, discover new pharmacy tips, or get started.

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Save time and resources by using Shiftposts. Skip the hassle of manual scheduling and resourcing and start using Shiftposts today!


Why Pharmacies Love ShiftPosts

“I have used ShiftPosts over the past few months, and I must say there is no doubt that it’s a much easier and brand-new way of scheduling for our pharmacy staffing needs. On their website, you see a picture of the candidates, their education, work experience, and ratings they have received from their previous shifts, etc. The quality of candidates have been great, and I have asked for repeated shifts of the same candidates. Definitely a huge improvement from other agencies we have used in the past, no comparison.”

— Bruno Galle,

Owner, PharmaChoice, Brampton

“Our pharmacy always has a great experience with ShiftPosts in getting top-notch relief pharmacists when we need them. Very easy to use.”

— Zibby

Pharmacy Owner, Mississauga

“I recently needed pharmacists to cover a maternity leave position very last minute. ShiftPosts helped triage candidates for me and were critical in delivering two great pharmacists on short notice. I can’t imagine having to do that on my own. The customer service was amazing, and they delivered quality pharmacists at a very fair market price in comparison to current agencies. Highly recommend their service.”

— Michael Khalil

Owner, Sparkle Pharmacy, Aurora

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