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ShiftPosts Pharmacist Reviews:

How easy is it to use a contactless app like ShiftPosts?​​

“Actually, I have a very good experience. I like shift post. I like… the way it works, you know I cannot say anything other than contactless experience, which is very nice. Everything is easy, smooth, you know very very competitive to other third parties companies which I think it has a very good future in the future I hope you.”

What do you like most about ShiftPosts?

“Transparency. Like the fact that you guys have all your salaries already posted on there is, yeah, I think like turn the whole, in my opinion, turn the whole, uh, whole industry in the drop market around.”

ShiftPosts Pharmacies Reviews:

“I have never, in five years, taken a shift with a relief agency or recruiter. I never liked their model, it made no sense to me, and I work enough relief shifts through my network when I want. ShiftPosts is fair and transparent to the pharmacists and owners.”

— Albert

Pharmacist, South Western Ontario

“ShiftPosts has to be the only service available that is 100% transparent in their operations. As someone who isn’t looking for full-time work, I have always been wary of using “relief agencies” to find shifts as they are known to undercut pharmacists. You take home 100% of your earnings, and it is automatically deposited in your bank account within a week. All in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend ShiftPosts for any pharmacist.”

— Rida Bukhari,

Pharmacist, PharmAchieve

“Our pharmacy always has a great experience with ShiftPosts in getting top-notch relief pharmacists when we need them. Very easy to use.”

— Zibby

Pharmacy Owner, Mississauga

“I recently needed pharmacists to cover a maternity leave position very last minute. ShiftPosts helped triage candidates for me and were critical in delivering two great pharmacists on short notice. I can’t imagine having to do that on my own. The customer service was amazing, and they delivered quality pharmacists at a fair market price compared to current agencies. Highly recommend their service.”

— Michale Khalil

Owner, Sparkle Pharmacy, Aurora

“ShiftPosts has been invaluable. Posting shifts and finding high-caliber relief pharmacists has been really easy. I consider it a lifesaver and rely on them in any situation that requires relief, even on short notice.”

— Tamer Boctor

Pharmacy Manager, British Columbia

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