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ShiftPosts CEO Elizabeth Cooper has been hard at work as she and her team have transformed the platform with innovative technology to promote flexible, efficient employment solutions for employers and healthcare professionals. Elizabeth sat down with the team at KingsCrowd to discuss recent wins, future plans, and what she’d like you to know about ShiftPosts moving forward.


ShiftPosts Recent Wins

Since the beginning of 2020, ShiftPosts has seen exponential growth and success. There are some recent wins for the company.

  • Pandemic success: We thrived during the pandemic, helping with mass vaccination efforts, proving our platform’s value during tough times, and outperforming competitors to dominate the market. 
  • Canada achievements: In less than three years, we’ve hit the break-even cash flow point and work with more than 70% of the retail pharmacies in the country. There is still room for growth here, and we have a solid footing in this market. 
  • U.S. expansion: We’ve perfected our platform in Canada, making it easier than ever for us to expand into the United States. Since the U.S. is 6x larger than Canada, capturing just 1% of the retail pharmacy market would bring us 29MM in net revenue and significantly benefit the company. The ShiftPosts platform has been enhanced to handle different rules from state to state.


What to Know

We’ve been experiencing unprecedented growth throughout the last three years, tripling our revenue year after year, and we’re primed to continue that growth trajectory in the coming years. To scale the company accordingly, we need to spend ahead of cash flow and add human judgment paired with deep knowledge of what makes staffing work. We welcome investors to join us on this exciting and financially beneficial journey of growing ShiftPosts and expanding to new markets.

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