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Relief Pharmacist Shifts in Durham

ShiftPosts is working with Durham Region clinics to support vaccine rollout. We’re looking for pre-loaders who have injection certified training to work at the vaccine clinic. If you are a pharmacist, pharmacy technician or a pharmacy student, submit your details below!

The benefits of Working with ShiftPosts

This is a great opportunity

  • Pharmacists, Registered Technicians and Pharmacy Students accepted.
  • Shifts available 7 days a week for the foreseeable future. Choose as many days you want, you’re in control of your week.
  • Shifts are 9:30am – 8:30pm with two paid 15-min breaks and two unpaid 30-minute breaks.
  • Locations are Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Clarington and North Durham.
  • Shifts are usually posted Monday’s or Tuesday’s for the following week.
  • Candidates must only be injection certified if they choose to switch from preloading to immunizing when it becomes available in the coming week/months.
  • Competitive pay — will vary depending on location.
  • Great opportunity for students to get paid experience in their chosen field.
  • Easy to track shifts on the ShiftPosts App.
  • You pay no fees.
  • Get involved with your community during this pandemic!
  • Only work the shifts you want — simply complete your training and apply in the app!

Our team is available 24×7 to answer all your questions!

Let’s get Durham Region vaccinated!

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Job Description

Vaccine Preloaders

Job Summary: 

Vaccine preloaders will be assigned to mass immunization clinics (MICs) to ensure clinics function efficiently, safely and support client needs. Preloaders will report to the Clinical Manager, PHD. Vaccine may be administered that has been prepared by another health care professional at a central loading station when it is necessary to facilitate timely and efficient administration. Pre-loading of vaccines may be initiated only under direction of PHD Management in mass immunization clinics.

General Responsibilities: 

Designated preloader for Vaccine Storage and Handling (VSH), also known as the Vaccine Management pre-loader:

  • Ensuring cold chain is maintained and cooler/fridge is monitored throughout the clinic as per the Ministry of Health (MOH) VSH Guidelines and the VSH Protocol, including cold chain requirements specific to COVID-19 vaccines as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Ongoing communication with Clinic Leader #2 regarding inventory management as it relates to no-shows, cancellations, etc. to reduce vaccine wastage.
  • Be the designated person accessing and removing vials from the cooler/fridge and limiting the number of times the fridge and/or cooler is opened.
  • Assists with pre-loading responsibilities.
  • Assists with inventory reconciliation as per the completed Vaccine Documentation Forms (tally up the total numbers for each column). If DRHD staff, this information can be entered in COVax if time permits
  • Remains in the pre-loading area with the vaccine, except during scheduled breaks.


Designated Quality Assurance Pre-Loader:

  • Ensures each pre-loaded syringe has the correct dose, is viable for use, and is free of any air bubbles, as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Affix pre-loaded syringe label to pre-loaded syringes.


All preloaders:

  • Handle vaccines with care to protect from any possible shocks, drops, vibration, etc.
  • Ensure the vaccine is not left unattended.
  • Pre-load vaccine as per manufacturer instructions.
  • Assist with immunizer role as required. The Vaccine Management preloader will remain in the pre-loading area with the vaccine.

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