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We’re Raising Funds to Better Serve Our Clients.

Great news for ShiftPosts supporters! In February of 2023, we launched our first phase of market development in 5 key states across the U.S. Along with the Canadian market, recruiting a loyal, high-skilled base of healthcare professionals is just the beginning. Once we recruit a vetted crew of professional pharmacists, we will open the platform for work opportunities. Much like our first market in Canada, it should only be a matter of months before wages begin to rise and operational challenges begin to fall for the retail pharmacy industry.

To accelerate our growth in the U.S., we need to grow our investor base. To leverage our great base of investors from our very successful fundraising effort on SeedInvest in 2021, we will start a new round of crowdfunding on StartEngine. StartEngine acquired SeedInvest in 2022, and finally, they are ready! Funding from this campaign will enable us to serve our clients better, grow our membership faster, and move more quickly in the market. Our goals are to provide more options for shifts that offer work when you need it and enable pharmacies to post jobs more easily. At the same time, we need to expand our staff and invest in the critical features and functions that will make it even easier to take a shift, fill a position, and process payments.

How You Can Help Us 

To be successful on StartEngine, we need your help. Crowdfunding platforms need traffic, and making our offer popular is how we get funding. Once we launch our campaign, the more people who visit the StartEngine website and search for ShiftPosts, the better! Plus, once there, you’ll find the latest news (on ShiftPosts), just how much we’ve grown, where we are heading, and how you can get involved in moving pharmacy staffing forward.

Note there are strict rules on who can invest on crowdfunding platforms, so you should check the StartEngine website for the rules. Your interest in our company and searching for us on the site adds to our success. For those who qualify to invest, think of it this way — would you have invested in UBER, AirBnB, or InstaCart when they were only in two or three cities? We are at that inspirational starting point now. You can join us at this ground level and grow your investment as we grow!

Seed investments on StartEngine have a minimum investment requirement and also short-track the opportunity for investors because they have thoroughly vetted every company. StartEngine follows SEC guidelines and does both background checks and financial reviews of every company before they launch, so once ShiftPosts launches, you’ll know that we’ve met all the regulatory requirements set by the SEC. 

We understand that many of our users (Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners) are based in Canada, where crowdfunding is currently restricted, but there are still ways you can help us grow!

If you are in Canada, you can do the following:

  1. Click the link to show your support for our efforts. We get rewarded not only for getting investors but growing our and the StartEngine brand. So, a simple link click goes a long way!
  2. Share this link and spread the word with friends in Canada and the United States. If your friends are in the U.S., they have the opportunity to open a StartEngine account and invest in the ShiftPosts brand.

If you are in the U.S.

  1. We want you to be a part of our growth! Becoming a Seed Investor is an excellent opportunity to get in early with our company and allow you to grow your investment more. Plus, it helps us accomplish some major goals, like implementing new and innovative features that benefit all ShiftPosts users. Click the link to learn more about this opportunity available to you!
  2. You can also simply click the link and share this with your network. It goes a long way toward helping us accomplish our mission, which is nothing short of revolutionizing the way pharmacists are hired and paid and the ease by which pharmacies can hire!

We are working hard toward some lofty goals with StartEngine and have a 30-day window to accomplish them. With your help, we can accomplish these goals to open up more fundraising opportunities and allow ShiftPosts to achieve its goals more quickly.

Thank You for Joining Us on Our Journey 

We want to extend our sincerest appreciation for your help and support of ShiftPosts. You’re helping us reimagine the way pharmacy professionals connect with great opportunities, and — together — we’re creating a positive change in the healthcare industry.

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On StartEngine, you can connect with support startups and early-growth companies that you are passionate about. This is different from helping a company raise money on Kickstarter. You aren’t buying products or merch. You are buying a piece of a company and helping it grow. In time, you may make a profit on your investment if the company grows and becomes more successful, and your investment holdings become worth more.

Standby; we are working on launching on Start Engine soon! We’re excited to give everyone a chance to support us and take advantage of the value ShiftPosts has brought to the market. Watch for upcoming updates from our team! 

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