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Pharmacists, Technicians & Assistants

It is possible your settings need to be changed. Try changing your shift preferences to see more Shifts.

Our pharmacy network increases daily which increases the number of Shifts posted.

You can also refer your friends and Pharmacies which will increase the number of Shifts posted

We will be expanding to other major Canadian cities in 60-90 days. We encourage you to sign up and use our referral system. Making your fellow Pharmacists and Pharmacies aware of ShiftPosts will expedite our roll out to your region.

ShiftPosts will be in Halifax, Ottawa, Saskatoon and the greater Vancouver area at launch.

To get us in your area sooner we highly recommend using our referral system in the mobile app to refer your friends and Pharmacy Owner or Manager contacts you think would find our App useful

ShiftPosts checks that each pharmacist has a valid license and is in good standing with the college of pharmacy in their province. ShiftPosts does not accept pharmacists that have a current infraction on their record.

Pharmacy Owners & Managers

We are onboarding pharmacists daily and are expanding in all regions, big and small, in Canada. If you have trouble finding pharmacists to take your Shifts, please contact support and we will focus on filling your Shifts.

You can file a dispute directly on the platform up to 24 hours after a Shift has been completed. Our support team will reach out to you to resolve the issue.

Circumventing ShiftPosts to contact its pharmacists is against our terms and conditions and will result in immediate removal of all parties involved from the ShiftPosts platform.

No. ShiftPosts only charges you once your shift has been filled and completed.

ShiftPosts does a check of each pharmacists credentials and ensures that they don’t have any infractions on their record, while our 5-star rating system ensures that pharmacy professionals are accountable for their actions every time they take a Shift. We are also implementing a number of screening tools and short tests in the mobile app to help filter candidates.

We have a number of videos you can watch below.

  1. To gets started:
  2. Add a method of payment;
  3. Add a pharmacy store;
  4. Invite pharmacy managers if you have multiple stores;
  5. Create a Shift and select your matches!

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